About us

Fabio Notarangelo

Born in Lecce, Italy, Fabio graduated in Business Economics at Bocconi University in Milan.

He joined an American business consultancy firm before starting his own consultancy and temporary management company.  His work experience in an international context and thorough knowledge of the intricate Italian bureaucracy have enabled him to successfully manage projects on behalf of foreign investors.

Fabio has many projects under his belt in spite of the complexities involved in operating in Italy, too often dubbed as ‘the land of empty promises’.

Throughout the years, Fabio has proven his competence and expertise by taking care of all aspects involved in project managing, such as budgeting, financing, planning and controlling, bureaucratic papers and on-site supervision of contractors and technical teams. Keeping his clients always in the loop, Fabio operates consistently and methodically to deliver and ensure results.



Marco Magaraggia

Graduated in Law at the University of Bologna, Italy, in 1994, Marco attended a course in International Public Law at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Marco specialises in civil and commercial litigation, employment, international real estate and property law. He has been a member of the Italian Bar Association since 1997 with registration no. 4972.

Over the years, Marco has worked for Italian and foreign clients, both private and commercial, to ensure smooth completion of real estate transactions and minimise investments risks.

His practice has a vast amount of experience in the acquisition process and in the transfer of property throughout Italy. His consultancy and assistance can be applied to the contractual stages, during the fiscal and private financial operations and also to construction and management aspects of each transaction and phase of the property transfer.

As a result of our longstanding relationship with a team of architects, engineers and notaries, Marco is able to ensure that any property has all the indispensable attributes required for a valid transfer of property rights. His autonomy and independence when dealing with intermediaries and estate agents guarantees our clients that the property in question is transferred free of any mortgages, loans and third party claims of any genre, and is also in perfect regularity with planning permissions, conforming to town planning regulations and if necessary, certification is provided accordingly.